Would you look to the cosmos for love?

While the secrets of the stars can help us navigate our way through the complicated world of love and relationships, there’s no exact formula for finding ‘the one’.

According to astrology, your sun sign (determined by your birth date) represents your core personality. The elements also play a crucial role in finding a match, and whether yours is air, earth, water or fire – your best match tends to be of the same element. Ever heard the saying opposites attract? While some pairings might seem a little odd, the counterbalance within these couples can prove to be a winning combination – as proven by Prince Harry (Virgo) and Meghan Markle (Leo). 

ROX – Diamonds & Thrills has created a cosmic compatibility guide that looks at the most compatible pairings and how their zodiac personalities complement each other.  It also provides insight into the type of engagement ring that would reflect each sign’s character. No matter how a couple’s stars may align, all relationships require dedication, mutual respect and trust. While the mysteries of the zodiac can provide guidance – real-life experiences will give you the most accurate assessment of your compatibility.

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Guide to Star Signs