Choosing the right function band

There are two things that are certain when it comes to events: People always remember the food and the music. Choosing the right band for you and your guests is extremely important. Freak Music, one of the UK’s leading providers of wedding and events music and entertainment. They have kindly sent us their 5 top tips won when choosing a function band- All of which we definitely agree with. Have a click on the links and check them out!

5 Things You Should Know About Choosing a Wedding Band

Hiring a wedding band can add an extra touch to your special day. It’s not just about the music; a great band is able to create an atmosphere and bring out the best elements of your wedding venue and theme. Your chosen entertainment is at its best when it’s both in the background and at the forefront, helping you and your guests in making memories.

How do you pick the right band to do that? Here are five crucial things you should know about choosing a wedding band.

#1: There is a lot of variety – make your pick

Wedding bands come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one idea of wedding music – you can have smooth jazz, classic rock or modern pop. It’s all about you and what kind of music you want at your wedding. This is usually easy – unless you and your fiancée have wildly differing tastes!

Once you have an idea of the style, you can start browsing for wedding bands and find the band for you.

#2: You wouldn’t buy a dress without trying it – so listen to your band

Never pick a wedding band without knowing what they sound like. Sounds obvious, right, but you’d be surprised how many stories we hear about people booking a band and then being shocked with what they get.

Clearly you don’t want to crash someone’s wedding to find out what a band is like, but thankfully these days most have websites and if not then there will usually be at least a YouTube presence.

Once you find a band, look through their website or ask directly for demos if they’re not on there.

#3: Don’t try to control what and how the band performs

If you are making the right pick, you won’t need to act like an orchestrator telling them what to do – and you won’t be thanked for it, either!

It’s absolutely fine to pick the kind of genre you like and perhaps make a few song requests – or to ask them not to play that one song reminding you of something sad – but do this as part of your selection process. Don’t pick a band and then decide what you want them to do, do it the other way round!

#4: Size doesn’t matter

While a full orchestra might sound like the perfect idea for a wedding band – yes, people do often go for such an act! – you shouldn’t think bigger is always better. A small group can be just as ‘big’ in terms of generating entertainment, and even a solo artist might be just what you need to capture the mood of your wedding party.

As well as giving thought to the type of musical act you want, think about the venue requirements, your budget and the type of music you are looking for.

#5: Have a proper chat!

We mentioned your selection process earlier, but we can’t stress enough how important it is! It’s important to discuss the set list and the schedule of play – when will the band take a break, can it fit in nicely with your wedding day schedule? Discuss all this stuff with your potential wedding bands beforehand, and pick the one that can deliver what you’re looking for!

A great wedding band will help generate a fun, exhilarating, loving and entertaining atmosphere at your wedding. Make sure you find the right type of band for your special day by keeping the above things in mind when choosing your band.